Helping young people to get relationship smart

CPD Certified Facilitator Training | ASDAN Accredited Programme

Being a teenager can be a difficult and confusing time for many, but when young people find themselves in a relationship where they are treated badly and which ‘hurts’, it can leave them with extra layers of confusion, self-doubt, a lack of confidence and lowered self-esteem. Escape The TRAP is a programme specifically designed to help young people recognise and protect themselves from teenage relationship abuse.


The Controller

Controlling Partners

A controlling partner can behave in a many different ways towards their partners, all of which can make their partner feel badly about themselves. They could use a range of coercive and controlling behaviours some of which are easy to identify such as threats, physical assault and sexting. However, the controlling partner can also use more subtle behaviours which are harder to identify, but have a huge impact such as putting their partner down, making them feel stupid, humiliating them in front of others or on social media, comparing them to others and preventing them from seeing friends.