Feedback From Young People

Female (14) Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Suffolk

the group really worked well for me because I realised I’m not alone and the only person who has experienced issues. I have got closer to someone who understands and would say go for it and take it seriously

Female (14) ) Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Suffolk

Most of us had experienced different types of abuse, and different situations.  I would say do it, it’s really helpful

 Female (15) – Suffolk – response to week 5 of the programme – the Taker – ‘Write a poem or lyrics for a song’

When I wake up, I cover the pain with make up, from your names, and your games, bit by bit, with every horrible hit, you slowly, kill me.

Female (13) Secondary School, Rotherham

attending group is like a place you go to find out about relationships and how to be in a happy position without pushing anyone away – It’s helpful and easy to get an understanding about abuse

Female (15) Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Suffolk

the programme has made me aware that anyone can be in an abusive relationship and that 80% of abused girls carry on dating their abuser.  I’m not the only one who has been in that situation

Female (14) Women’s aid Centre, Suffolk

the group really helped me understand why the abuse happened to me.  It is very informative and helpful

Female (13) Staghills Children’s Centre, Lancashire

the programme was eye opening, surprising, interesting and worth doing.  I think the programme should be done in PHSE lessons and on the curriculum.  We have some sex education but nothing about abusive relationships, plus considering a lot of it is teenage relationships, teenagers go to high school

Female (13)  Staghills Children’s Centre, Lancashire

I would say the programme helps teenage girls to identify abuse and that the programme helps you to speak out

Female (14) Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Suffolk

the group helped me to express my feelings and emotions.  The programme is really good and I would advise anyone who has been though domestic abuse to attend the programme

Female (15) Lighthouse Women’s Aid, Suffolk

the best course I have ever done.  It open’s your eyes