Training Outline

Over the three-day facilitator training, practitioners will gain an understanding of the complex dynamics of teenage relationship abuse. Each week of the programme will be explored in depth so practitioners will feel confident and equipped to deliver it at the end of the training.

Escape the Trap facilitator training will support practioners to learn about the:

  • Concept & structure of the programme
  • Group agreements
  • Exploring one’s own thinking and understanding about teenage relationship abuse
  • Additonal Risk Factors
  • Generating discussion with young people
  • Develop ways to address the difficult and sensitive issue of teenage relationship abuse using experiential activities and self-reflection
  • Understanding prevalance of social media abuse
  • Working flexibly to meet the needs of your group
  • Safety planning with young people
  • Monitoring Risk
  • Applying the programme in one to one work

Escape the Trap facilitator training is ideal for those working in schools, PRU’s, youth settings, youth offending, therapeutic services, young people’s support services, CYP 12+ integrated teams or in specialist DV services. The programme is also accessible to use one to one with the accompanying Escape the Trap workbook.

The Escape the Trap facilitator training event provides an intensive learning experience over three days.

It is recommended that practitioners have completed domestic and sexual violence & abuse training and have some experience working with clients and those who are/have experienced domestic abuse or teenage relationship abuse.

All practitioners must have completed recognised safeguarding training.