In-House & Multi-Agency Packages

In-house Training

Ideally we will train a minimum of 10 staff.  The host agency/organisation provides a venue and refreshments. We are happy to train up to 25 persons f2f. However, whilst we are running online trainings a maximum of 20 delegates seems to work really well.

For face to face trainings we would require a space big enough for small groups to work together comfortably, size dependent on how many you hope to train. In addition, we would need a flip chart stand and ideally a projector and laptop with sound.

Pre-course information and reading will be sent to the agency/organisation to be distributed to each trainee. We believe it is essential that each trainee should know exactly what to expect prior to arrival.  Materials will be given to each trainee on the first of the three day of the training.

Commitment to the delivery of training is dependant upon the receipt of a written and signed undertaking from the organiser and payment in advance.

Multi-Agency Training

We are currently delivering all open trainings online. Please see the Events page for details of open multi-agency trainings in the calendar.  Multi Agency trainings allow practitioners from a wide range of agencies to come together and network, enhancing each other’s learning process and understanding.

Multi-agency trainings ensure that agencies/organisations can purchase as few or as many places as they require for £750.00 + VAT per person.

Pre-course information and reading will be sent to each trainee prior to the onset of training. Materials will be given to each trainee on the first of the three day of the training.

Please note: should too few people book onto a specific multi-agency training we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the training prior to the event. In all cases we would either work with you to identify an alternative venue & date to train or refund payment.


Aspiring trainees must have read the pre-course reading provided before attending.

Only those intending to facilitate a group or use the programme 1:1 will be accepted on to this training.

This training includes strong language at times.

The facilitator reserves the right to refuse to train anyone who does not behave in a pleasant and cooperative manner

Please note that this training can be cancelled or postponed up to two months before the event if too few trainees book places.

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