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16 April 2022

When Love Bites – A young person’s guide to escapeing the trap og harmful, toxic and hurtful relationships is the book that I am happy to see around. Cathy Press talks about the controlling and abusive relationships in young adults. The signs are all there at the early stages of a relationship. Many times, it gets brushed off simply because they don’t seem to be that significant. They pushed me because I provoked them. They want to see who I am texting with because they care about me. They get mad when I don’t text/call back. They tell me what not to wear. Does that sound familiar? When Love Bites is the book for you.

Anyone can become a victim of abusive behaviour whether you identify as heterosexual or LGBTQ+. This book is for you. Highlyyyyyyy, highlyyyyyy recommend you read this. It’s a beautifully designed and illustrated book by @smartdesignstudiouk and @doodlingshep I could not take my eyes off it. So much work, love and care has been put into it. It’s beautiful ? Get. This. Book