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When Love Bites

A young person’s guide to escaping harmful, toxic and hurtful relationships. Presented in a fearless and straightforward way, this book focuses on control and abuse within intimate relationships and the shocking impact this has on mental health and well-being. Every young person, loving parent and caring practitioner needs to read this book.

Written by Cathy Press

Published by Cathy Press Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9927077-1-2

RRP £14.99

Escape the TRAP workbooks

The Escape the TRAP workbook has been put together to support the learning of young people participating in the programme. It contains all the exercises and creative activities that support discussion throughout the programme. It enables each participant to record their feedback, ideas, thoughts and reflections in one place which can be kept long after the programme has been completed.

Workbooks can be purchased only by those practitioners who have completed facilitator training to ensure that each activity is presented and delivered in the way it is intended.

QuantityCost Per BookSubtotalPostage and PackagingTotal Cost
50 Books£7.50£375.00£40.00£415.00
30 Books£9.00£270.00£30.00£300.00
10 Books£10.00£100.00£15.00£115.00
1 Book£10.00£10.00£3.00£13.00

Escape the TRAP animation

The ‘Escape the Trap’ animation was developed in conjunction with the very first Escape the Trap pilot group. All the words and text used are taken from the individual and collective feedback on the impact of teenage relationship abuse shared by them during some of the exercises and creative activities.

Escape the TRAP commercial

This short commercial was put together with contributions from three young people who completed the programme and kindly offered their thoughts and reflections to encourage others.

Teen commercials

This series of commercial length films made by Compassion and funded by the Suffolk Community Foundation, is intended to raise awareness & understanding about issues of power, control and coercion experienced by at least 40% of young people in teenage relationships.  

The brief for the young people involved in the project was to create films, which would inform their peers to identify teenage relationship abuse and to present this in a way that their peers could directly relate to. The films have been entirely developed by a collaboration of over 40 young people alongside support from professionals in scriptwriting, directing, filmmaking and sound by members of The Offshoot Foundation.  


Chelsea courageously tells the story of her own young relationship, the gradual onset of controlling behaviour and the escalation of abuse as the relationship progressed.

Is this abuse

Demonstrates that teenage relationship abuse cuts across all relationships, despite gender and sexuality.


Depicts the vulnerability of a young woman who believes she is sexting for her partner’s eyes only.

Same old record

Identifies the demise in relationship between a young same sex couple and how the subtle use of control escalates to cause humiliation and fear.


Real statistics are used in the communication between a teenage couple as an incident of abuse occurs.


A young teenage woman tells the story of her friend’s relationship and early pregnancy.