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I have really enjoyed Escape the Trap training and I am looking forward to delivering it with young people.

Children & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham

Escape the Trap training gives you an in depth look at teen abusive relationships. It has greatly impacted my awareness and I feel more confident working with young people.

Children & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham

The training has really helped me to learn how to deliver the Escape the Trap programme. Cathy was really good at delivering the training and keeping us all on track with the learning.

Children & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham

Escape the Trap training has so incresed my awareness of the way teens will perceive their relationships and the barriers to seeking support.

Children & Teen Advocate Support WorkerNottingham

The Escape the Trap training has opened my mind to the different types of abuse young women experience and how it differs from adults. Every day ws filled with lots of information.

Young Voices Support WorkerNottingham

This excellent training has opened my eyes for sure. It helped me realise what a sheltered life I live and took me out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the training. Well done.

Children's Refuge WorkerNottingham

This training was brilliant!! Trainer very knowledgeable, clear, concise and fair. It really enabled me to see abuse through the eyes of a teenager. Thank you Cathy. I am looking forward to delivering the programme.

Stronger Families & Young Voices Team LeaderNottingham

Thank you Cathy! I am looking forward to putting all your hard work into use. Escape the Trap will make a big differenct to the young people in Nottingham.

Children & Teen Advocate Team LeaderNottingham

This training increased my existing knowledge more significantly, the context of the differences between the Mindmixer and the Charmer! I was able to really develop a strong clarity between different types of behaviours and the impact of such abuse. Very good training!

City Teen AdvocateNottingham

Trainer was very good at making me re-think about different styles of delivering Escape the Trap. There is a great mix of exercises, group work and role play. Very good in-depth package. Looking forward to delivering it.

Children's Refuge WorkerNottingham

Very well delivered!! Great training – would recommend. Lots of our opinions validated and we learnt new ways of looking at the situations our young people face. It was a nice change to have a trainer that could teach us something further about a subject we work with all the time.

Stronger Families Children's WorkerNottingham

My understanding has been greatly enhanced during this three day course I feel fully equipped to run the programme to young people. Excellent training which I will recommend to others.


A really informative and interesting course which has certainly extended my awareness. I really enjoyed the three days. Thank you Cathy.

Lancashire County CouncilOswaldtwistle, Lancs

The trainer and the training were brilliant.

Shuttleworth SchoolLancashire

Thank you. A really great resource which I know will be really helpful!


Escape the Trap trianing has made me much more aware of the threat of dv amongst teenagers. It would be wonderful to run this programme throughout schools nationwide and it be fully funded! THis is imperative for the future well-being of our young people.

DirectorThe Confidence BoxEast Sussex

Cathy has a clear knowledge of teenage relationship abuse which comes across in every aspect of your delivery. Lots of information has been shared and ideas learnt. Thank you for making the training so informative and interesting.

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilLowestoft

Escape the Trap training has clearly and thoroughly informed me on the issues faced and the forms of domestic abuse that can be carried out. I feel confident in educating young people about this.

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilSuffolk

Cathy was brilliant at clearly informing us as a group about stats, facts, issues etc, and was able to place us in the minds of young people at all times. Thank you for all your help, guidance and for clearly understanding our opinions and the challenges faced in our roles. I thoroughly enjoyed the course!

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilLowestoft

The trainer was great – down to earth and confident at what she was delivering. I have so much more awareness on young people vulnerable to abusive relationships and delivery approaches.

VolunteerThe Daisy ProgrammeNorfolk

This training has really consolidated my learning and given the opportunity for some great discussions on teenage relationship abuse and supporting young people.

Project WorkerLighthouse Women's AidIpswich

I loved this course. I have learned lots of new ways of thinking in terms of the teenage mind and language. Really helpful. Lots of clear explanations and really good opportunities for discussion.

VolunteerThe Daisy ProgrammeNorfolk

I have a lot more insight into noticing the early signs of young busive relationships. The training used a good mixture of learning styles. thank you. Very good and very interesting.

Family Support PractitionerSuffolk County CouncilLowestoft

This course was really great. The trainer was very good at opening up the young people’s perspective and teenager’s thinking.

Youth Outreach WorkerAlumahSuffolk

I really enjoyed my learning experience on this training. It took me step by step through the eyes of a teenager what abusive behaviours look like in their relationships.

VolunteerThe Daisy ProgrammeNorfolk

I am a ‘Freedom Programme’ facilitator, so have awareness, but have struggled to make Freedom Programme appropriate to effectively support teenagers. Escape the Trap progamme does that. I feel very confident to deliver this. Cathy is very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic area. There was a lot of supporting information in different formats. I would reccommend this training opportunity!

Youth WorkerDerby City CouncilDerby

I was previousl unaware of the extent of relationship abuse for young people. I really enjoyed this training. It was well paced and discussions were comfortable. 3 days was just right.

Youth WorkerDerby City CouncilDerby

This training has given me a much better idea how to present controlling and abusive behaviours in a relatable way to young people. It is very interesting and I particularly enjoyed the group discussion and practice. Cathy is a really skilled trainer who is very clear and easy to understand.

Social WorkerBradford CollegeBradford

Escape the Trap is a brilliant course and I wish this had been available previously. I have found something so useful that will support young people. I have learned so much and can’t wait to pass on the knowledge.

Young Persons WorkerAddactionLiverpool

The Escape the Trap training has given me more knowledge and insight into a subject that I didn’t know that much about. The workbooks and training manual are excellent resources that make delivering the programme easy! Thank you for an enjoyable three days training.

Interventions WorkerNotts County CouncilNottingham

I really enjoyed this training. Escape the Trap is an inclusive programme, simply delivered and very interactive. I am much more aware of how the issue impacts young people. Cathy very easy to approach and talk to.

Interventions WorkerNotts County CouncilNottingham

Escape the Trap is a great programme to help young people have better relationships and not fall into the trap of abusive relationships. The training answered so many questions!

Teen Outreach WorkerNIDASMansfield

This training has massively impacted my awareness of teen abusive relationships. The programme breaks down the issue in a way that is easy to understand enabling you to impart with young people. A fantastic experience.

Youth WorkerDerby City CouncilDerby

I now have a very thorough understanding of each aspect of a controlling person – the characteristics and traits. The training was well presented, engaging with plenty of discussion and no embarrasing role play! The materials for Escape the Trap are really good. Cathy is a very knowledgeable and passionate presenter.

Youth WorkerDerby City CouncilDerby

The training has given me a better understanding of teenage relationship abuse. It was informative with lots of discussion based learning and feedback. Escape the Trap is an excellent programme. Thank you!

Youth WorkerDerby City CouncilDerby

A well-paced, informative, collaborative and compassionate training. This training has re-charged and updated my knowledge of the issues facing young people in abusive relationships. Thank you!

School CounsellorCheshire

I now have increased knowledge of various types of abusive behaviour. Many examples offered and the link to consequences for the victim. Thank you.

Youth WorkerDerby City CouncilDerby

This training is accessible for the facilitator as the programme is for young people. It encourages a comprehensive overview, understanding and insight into teenage behaviours and relationships.

A Level StudentSuffolk

This training is a must for anyone working with children & young people. Teenage realtionship abuse is prevalent and this programme enables young people to explore their relationships and gain understanding of what a healthy relationship looks like in a safe way. It allows young people to recognise the dangers of abuse and the potentil impact and how to keep themselves safe and make change. The training was educating, interesting, thought provoking, real, powerful giving me tools I can use to affect change!

Social WorkerBorough of PoolePoole

Thank you for your training. I really enjoyed it due to the balance and variety accomodating all learning styles and keeping everyone engaged. Excellent programme and is a clear learning tool to address the issues with young people.

Practice ManagerBeufort Care GroupBournemouth

I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative and I can now recognise differing types of behaviour and early warning signs in relationships.

Family Support PractitionerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth

This training increased my understanding of the characteristics of abusive relationships. Cathy’s knowledge and experience was invaluable.

Youth AdvisorBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth Learning Centre

The training provided a good mix of discussions, interesting visuals and lecture. Cathy was enthusiastic and committed and this motivated the participants well.

Social WorkerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and am looking forward to using it to help the young people I am working with. It increased my understanding and awareness of teenage relationship abuse. The trainer kept me engaged across the three days which is excellent.

Social WorkerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth Learning Centre

I have found the Escape the Trap programme extremely beneficial and feel more equipped to work with young people who are experiencing abusive relationships. Thank you for creating such a comprehensive programme.

Advanced Social Work PractitionerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth Learning Centre

Increased my knowledge giving me a better understaning of teenage relationship abuse. Training provided a good balance between information provided, group discussion and individual work.

Family Support PractitionerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth

I liked the ideas of art and creative ways to express views, feelings and concerns. I hope to use them in my practice.

Bournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth

Really useful training – thorough and interesting both through input from trainer and group discussions. Went away with skills to run a group.

Early Family Support PractitionerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth Learning Centre

Really interesting and informative. Excellent pace, handouts and tools! I really enjoyed this training and would highly recommend to colleagues.

Social WorkerBournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth MASH

This training has really changed the way I perceive the control and abuse within dynamics of romantic relationships. I got more out of the training than expected!

Bournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth

This is an invaluable training course that I will definitely use it with young people. Thank you for creating this course and sharing it with others!

Bournemouth Borough CouncilBournemouth

Really opened my eyes to how a teenager views relationships.

Pastoral LeaderWinton and Glenmoor AcademiesBournemouth

A wonderfully comprehensive, easily accessible and engaging resource. Great trainer – knowledgeable and engaging!

Support Worker / Snr. PractitionerBorough of Poole

The training was informative, stimulating and practical. The programme is appropriately structured whilst being flexible enough to respond to young people’s needs and learning styles.

Youth Worker, Sheffield Futures

Often when I am training the gap is resources or useable tools. This is a programme that will save lives and enable young people to feel heard and supported, not patronised.

Domestic Abuse Trainer (Young People’s DA), Sheffield Futures

Cathy is a vibrant and eloquent trainer. The training course is excellent with very useful resources that are completely user friendly for the facilitator and teenager alike. Well worth doing! Thank you.

School Counsellor, Suffolk

I enjoyed this training as it offered different ideas in how to deliver and help young people understand themselves as well as understand relationships. The creative and interactive activities will be useful and valuable to the work I do with families not just teens. All young people should have this knowledge!

Residential Family Support Worker, Fairways Care, Southampton

Excellent training for development of professionals working with young people! Really helpful and enjoyable.

Youth Worker/DA Project Worker, Sheffield Futures

I would definitely recommend this informative and inspiring training to all other professionals working with teenagers and young people. Thoroughly broadened my knowledge.

Family Support Practitioner, Early Help Team, CYPS, Suffolk CC

Fantastic facilitation, Cathy is very knowledgeable and shared her experiences of running the programme with the group. A thoroughly enjoyable 3 day training which has prepared me to take all the skills i’ve learnt to share with the young people I work with. I’d definitely recommend the course.

Street Engagement Officer, Early Help Family Support & YOS, Southend Borough Council

Very informative and relaxed training.

Support Worker, Sexual Abuse Support Service, Young Women’s Housing Project, Sheffield

Very informative programme which helps you to think in a different way. Cathy delivers the Escape the Trap training in a down to earth style, enabling you to be yourself and explore your learning, delivery and reflection.

Housing Options Team Leader, West Suffolk Housing

Enjoyable learning, good fun facilitation and group participation. Thank you.

Counsellor, Suffolk

I feel the creative elements of the programme are a really powerful way of addressing the issues. Cathy’s knowledge and passion of the issue shines through.

Domestic Abuse Support Worker, Bournemouth Churches Housing Association

I really enjoyed the course and feel confident in facilitating this course with young people in my area. I think the accompanying workbooks are very user friendly.

Senior Practitioner, Southend Borough Council

“Brilliant to try and get on the inside (head) of a teenager in this modern world”


BKH Training, Suffolk

“I enjoyed the training as it was informative and fun. It was good to meet new people and share ideas and views”


Safe in Essex Worker, The Children’s Society, Essex

“Thank you for an inspiring training course. I feel ready and excited about returning to my role and running my first group. I will recommend to other professionals I feel will benefit”


Family Support Practitioner, CYPS Early Help Team, Suffolk CC

“Absolutely would recommend this training. It is always relaxed and I am able to learn loads. Trainer very approachable. I am very interested in future training. Can’t wait to deliver this training to our teenagers”


Domestic Abuse Support Worker, Judith House Refuge, Riverside Care and Support, Barnsley

“I would recommend to anyone who comes into contact with teenagers and feel there’s a need to educate around relationships both abusive and healthy”


Therapeutic Support Worker, Judith House Refuge, Riverside Care and Support, Barnsley

“This training has given me confidence to be able to support young people around the issue of relationship abuse. I will use this knowledge and resources in my 1:1 work but I am mostly looking forward to running a group. I think all practitioners working with young people should have the opportunity to go on this training. Thank you.”


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CYP Early Help Team, Suffolk CC

“I recommend this training as the trainer is very experienced and knowledgeable on the subject she delivers. The course format and material is clear, well laid out and provides an excellent guide in helping facilitators – ensure they cover all the key issues, as well as being accessible and appealing to young people”



Family Support Practitioner, CYPS Saxmundham, Suffolk CC

“The training has been really powerful and has had a lasting impact on how I will work with young people. It has given me a new perspective of an issue I thought I knew lots about”


Young Women's Health Project, Sexual Abuse Support Services, Sheffield

“This type of course needs to be more widely accessed by school staff. Very thought provoking”


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CYP Early Help Team, Suffolk CC

“This was a fantastic course and very knowledgeable. Excellent. Really enjoyed it”


Young Women's Health Project, Sexual Abuse Support Services, Sheffield

“Fantastic training. This programme could really benefit all young people.”

CYP Practitioner, SuffolkFamily Support PractitionerSunshine Children's Centre, Stowmarket

Training was brilliant! Thank you.

Manager, Respect Project, Volunteering MattersManagerRespect Project, CSVSuffolk

Brilliant knowledge and delivery of ETT from Cathy; I feel confident to deliver my own programme and know also that I can go back to Cathy for advice and guidance if needed. Thank you for the learning opportunity.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

Fantastic training. Lovely to have such a passionate trainer. I am able to learn so much when attending Cathy’s courses.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

I would definitely recommend this programme. Outstanding!


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

Very powerful training that has inspired and motivated me to increase awareness of abuse in teenage relationships and support those currently in them.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

Great course – can’t wait to deliver. Very flexible to deliver and no doubt will engage young people.


Domestic Abuse Worker, Orwell/Haven Housing, Norfolk

The training has given me the confidence to go out and deliver ETT to as many young people as I can in South Norfolk and to get other agencies on board to access the training.


Outreach Practitioner, South Norfolk Council

This program “needs” to be delivered to help and support our young people.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

Very informative course, which really relates to the age group intended. Should be a part of the national curriculum for all pupils.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

This is the best training I have attended, working in an Early Help Team we need to be looking at educating our teens so we can break the cycle. Thank you Cathy.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

Excellent training, in a “Cinderella” subject. Great course for anybody working with young people.


School Staff Nurse, Suffolk CC

Really inspirational 3 days- highly recommended to professionals. So much to now go out and use – thank you!


Domestic Abuse Change Co-ordinator, Norfolk Children’s Services

Have really enjoyed all 3 days of this course , and am excited to start to run a group.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

This training has given me the confidence to deliver such a worthwhile programme to young people. I have a fire in my belly. Thank you.


Family Support Practitioner, Milton Keynes

Fantastic training that I have thoroughly enjoyed. Left feeling very motivated to get a group up and running! Thank you.


Family Support Practitioner, Suffolk CC

Fantastic, thought provoking, informative training; thank you so much for helping me to support my clients better.

Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

Really enjoyed the training – full of innovative ideas to get an important message across! Thank you.

Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

Invaluable training. Certainly raised my awareness and empowered me with strategies to use in practice.

Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire


This training has given a greater insight into how young people experience relationships and how to discuss them in a safe, non-threatening manner. It will have a positive impact on my practice. Thank you.


Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

This training has increased my knowledge, language and ability to discuss domestic abuse with teenagers. Thank you Cathy.


Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

Thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day course which consolidated and reinforced my previous knowledge. It was put together extremely well and I am able to facilitate work within my role with young people. Many thanks.


Domestic Abuse Worker, GDAS, Gloucester

Absolutely loved the course. The trainer’s knowledge, passion and expertise shone through. Highly recommend. Thank you.


Manager, IDVA Service, Manchester City Council

Great training. Thank you. It was relaxed and informative. Great way of learning about the issues and the programme.

Family Intervention Worker, Cheshire West & Chester Council

Excellent training. Very informative for my role as a family nurse practitioner. Cathy facilitates brilliantly – so knowledgeable. Promoted a relaxed learning environment so could participate easily and without reservation.

Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

Useful course on dealing with a sensitive issue. Lots of imaginative ways of provoking thought and discussion in the issue.

Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

Extremely good course and very valuable to our client group. Will be sharing the information with the Family Nurse Partnership national Unit.

Manager, Family Nurse Partnership, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

Brilliant training and will benefit so many young people. Thank you Cathy

Family Nurse, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Lancashire

A course which allows progressive reflection and useful tools to enable young people.

Senior Practitioner, Bournmouth CC

Absolutely brilliant!!


Residential Child Care Worker, Bournemouth

Fab training. Definitely worthwhile to help my young people.


Support Worker, 16+ Care Leavers Team, Bournemouth CC

I liked that we were encouraged continually to not think as adults. Also like the use of the 1st person in feedback. It gave more impact to what was being said.


Practice Manager, CSE Resource Centre, Bournemouth

Fantastic training. I can’t wait to deliver my first course. This should be core training for any professionals working with young people.


Youth Support Worker, Motiv8, Portsmouth

A very insightful programme/training about teenage relationships and abuse. Well presented. Thank you.


Senior Practitioner, LAC, Bournemouth CC

Empowering for all our young girls and young women. Any training that helps young people make informed decisions about their lives is investing in all our futures.


CSE Worker, Bournemouth CC

Invaluable training for both young people and adults. I’m shocked that education like this isn’t delivered regularly in schools. I’ve learned a lot about myself as well as how to guide a young person through the programme. An amazing and insightful course!! Thank you.


Integrated CMHT, Bournemouth

Enthusiastic and clear delivery. Nice to receive training from the creator of the programme.


CYP Support Worker, Intervention & Assessment Team, Bournemouth

Great course content & delivery. I feel competent to deliver the course to young people and feel I can get further support from the trainer if required.



CYP Support Worker, Intervention & Assessment Team, Bournemouth

Really enjoyable, interactive course, which I feel would benefit the young people I work with.


Social Worker, Assessment & Safeguarding Team, Bournemouth

Do not underestimate the power of this course. It is like no other. The content and programme is incredible – everyone working with children/teenagers need to do this. Every child deserves to receive this education. Thank you.


Social Worker, LAC, Bournemouth

Very lovely training, in regards to doing a useful programme with young people. Thank you.


Social Worker, Assessment & Safeguarding Team, Bournemouth

Powerful piece of work, that has made me think outside the box! Thought provoking.


Residential Support Worker, Bournemouth

Very informative & interesting. Should be used in all schools!



Youth Justice Worker, Bournemouth Learning Centre

A very insightful course, providing the tools to recognise and respond effectively to teenagers suffering abuse.


Foster Carer, Bournemouth

I enjoy and learn more readily from interactive courses like this. I am amazed at the knowledge Cathy provided me with regards to the expectations placed on many teenagers as they embark on relationships..

Specialist Nurse, LAC, Dorset Healthcare University

I work with CSE. This programme will most definitely assist the CYP who are at risk. It is needed for every child in secondary school.

Safeguarding Standars Advisor, Dorset CC

The course was well delivered, informative and will be very useful to use 1:1 and groups

Therapist, Kid's Inspire, ChelmsfordArt PsychotherapistKid's InspireChelmsford

A highly informative and thought- provoking programme delivered in an accessible and engaging format.

Therapist, Kid's Inspire, ChelmsfordPsychoanalytic PsychotherapistKid's InspireChelmsford

“The training was amazing in terms of it enabling a solid vehicle to address young people’s thought, perceptions & vulnerabilities on relationships, abuse & how relationships work.”

Children's Counsellor, Kids Inspire, ChelmsfordChild CounsellorKid's Inspire

“Brilliant training, learned a lot about teen abuse I hadn’t considered before.  Enjoyable and valuable few days. Thank You.”

Family Support Practitioner, SuffolkFamily Support PractitionerSuffolk County Council/Compassion Volunteer

I found Cathy a great trainer with a fountain of knowledge about the subject.  It’s an amazing programme that addresses a very important issue. The training was delivered in a very friendly way and everyone was welcome to add their input. Cathy was friendly and approachable, which made me feel comfortable and keen to learn.  Fantastic, thank you.

Volunteer, Domestic Abuse CharityVolunteerCompassionSuffolk

Really fantastic training that has really inspired me to support young people in abusive relationships.  The materials and format used is engaging and really therapeutic.  I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to facilitate a programme in the New Year.  Finally something to support young people.

Family Support Worker, SuffolkFamily Support WorkerSuffolk County CouncilSuffolk

Escape the Trap was exactly the training I had been looking for – to use with the young women I work with.  I am really looking forward to setting up my first group and also using the workbook to do some one to one work with young people, especially at my teenage parent groups.  Thank you for such a useful tool!

Advanced Youth Support Worker, SuffolkAdvanced Youth Support WorkerSuffolk County CouncilSuffolk

The training reinforced the knowledge & experience around Domestic Abuse I already have. However, it gave in-depth information around teen relationship abuse.  Cathy was amazing at delivering the course and fantastic to listen to.

Support Worker, Women's Refuge, RotherhamRotherham Women's Refuge

Fantastic training delivered by Cathy over 3 days.
I have now run the programme with a group of young women and had a fantastic response.
I have previously worked on other targeted programmes for young people, but this is by far the best and the easiest programme to deliver.

Really informative course. Although a very serious subject the course was made to be fun and very interactive. It is really thought provoking and helps to better understand the needs and issues of young people. Fantastic three day course. Thank you.

Cathy was brilliant to work with and got the whole group working in a creative and dynamic way. I feel much more able to be proactive around the impact of abusive behaviour in young realtionships and am keen to assist my students to be more aware.

Student SupportShuttleworth SchoolLancashire

This training has had a great impact and certainly extended my awareness as well as taking me back to basics in terms of applying the programme in groups and one to one. A very informative and interesting course. Thank you!

TeacherOswaldtwistle PRUOswaldtwistle

My understanding has been much enhanced during this three day training. I feel I am much better equipped now to to respond to the issue and deliver this programme in schools.

DA Support WorkerSafeNetLancashire

Astounding! I have a better understanding of subject and how best to engage young people using this programme. Thank you for developing a tailor-made programme for young people.

TeacherOswaldtwistle PRUOswaldtwistle

A resource specifically for targetted at young people. It is really helpful programme. Thank you.

Young Person's AdvisorBrookBlackburn

I have a much better understanding of relationship abuse from a young persons point of view.

Student SupportSir John Thursby Community CollegeBurnley

Fabulous resource to use with young people to educate them about teenage abuse in relationships.

Youth WorkerYork

I have a clearer understanding of the problems young people have to deal with today.  Very worthwhile!!

TeacherMorcombe Road SchoolLancashire

Very much enjoyed this training, looking forward to putting it into practice

Teacher, Felixstowe Academy, SuffolkBase Support WorkerFelixstowe Academy Suffolk

Training was brilliant! Thank you.

Manager, Respect Project, Volunteering MattersManagerRespect Project, CSVSuffolk

The Escape the Trap programme is really useful. The training has motivated me and given me confidence to keep raising awareness about sexual exploitation and deliver the Escape the Trap programme to the young women I work with.

Mentor, Respect Project, Volunteering MattersMentorRespect Project, CSVSuffolk

The training was really enjoyable, interactive and comprehensive.  I am going away feeling completely confident with the programme and tools given.  Cathy’s knowledge and experience has been extremely valuable to my learning.

Mentor, Respect Project, Volunteering MattersMentorRespect Project, CSV Suffolk

Excellent training and a really great programme for teenagers!  I’ve been waiting a long time for a suitable format to present to teens – this is it!  Can’t get a group organised quick enough to start facilitating the programme.

Youth Worker, Rotherham

Very effective programme for helping young people understand Teenage Abuse and gain support if needed in this area.

Engagement Mentor, Essex CCEngagement MentorEssex County Council

‘This training gives food for thought.  It is the complete package in terms of delivery to a targeted group  and because of the way it is structured – it frees you to adapt and learn from it, to use in different ways.  I feel really happy to have had this training.  It was a good group experience and I hope I can pass this on to the young people I work with.

Integrated Youth Support Service, RotherhamIYSSRotherham

This has been interesting training.  The trainer has been inspiring and passionate about the topic.  I think this programme will be useful in my practice.

Youth Worker, RotherhamWinterhill Young People's Centre

Colour coded simple workbooks work really well to focus the young person.

Youth Offending Service, RotherhamYouth Offending ServiceRotherham

Should be on the school curriculum.  All workers who are involved in the development of young people should undertake TRAP Training.

Senior Youth Worker, RotherhamSenior Youth WorkerRotherham

Lots to think about – the benefits of delivering this programme for young people is very evident.  Looking forward to delivery.

Manager, Women's Refuge, RotherhamManagerRotherham Women's RefugeRotherham

Escape the Trap is the complete package in terms of group delivery for a targeted group.  It also, because of the way it is structured – frees you to adapt and learn from it to use in different ways.  I feel really happy to have had this experience.  It was a good group experience and I hope I can pass this on to the young people I work with.

Youth Offending Service, RotherhamYouth Offending ServiceRotherham

Having been trained by Cathy as a Facilitator in the Freedom Programme and Escape the Trap now I can honestly say she is amazing as a trainer, full of energy and enthusiasm, she keeps the day moving along with no flat spots and you come out with a full knowledge of the subject matter.


Senior Parenting Practitioner, Suffolk
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